October 15, 2018 Press Releases


(Downers Grove, IL) October 15, 2018 – Following President Donald Trump’s latest denial of climate science on 60 Minutes, in the same week the IPCC released a damning report that the impacts of climate change will become a global crisis by 2040. Sixth District Congressional candidate and scientist Sean Casten released the following statement:

“President Trump’s latest denial of climate change and assertions that scientists have a political agenda is short-sighted and harmful to the future of this planet. Scientists work by looking for truth, without any pre-ordained agenda about where that truth lies. The truth is that climate change represents an economic opportunity for the country.  Most American businesses depend on turning raw energy into goods and services. Those businesses want to save money and are eager to have access to cleaner, cheaper energy. President Trump, however has filled his cabinet with that minority of US businesses that depend on extracting fossil fuel from the ground. They are making our air dirtier and holding back our economic growth by ignoring proven climate science.

“If Peter Roskam understood the businesses in the 6th district and the larger US economy, maybe he’d do more than just act as a rubber-stamp for Donald Trump and call climate change ‘junk science’.”

The non-partisan League of Conservation Voters has given Sean Casten’s opponent Peter Roskam a lifetime score of voting for the environment only seven percent of the time. Since Donald Trump’s election, his score has dropped to three percent.

Sean Casten is a scientist and spent 18 years as a clean-energy entrepreneur. He has been endorsed by the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters as well as by many leading climate scientists and former government environmental officials.