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We must support and expand women’s rights and opportunities — by protecting reproductive rights, fighting for equal pay for equal work, defending women subjected to harassment and abuse, and much more. Not only do our laws fall short of granting women equality, but our culture has perpetuated inequality and gender discrimination.

How I will advocate for women’s rights

  1. Keep birth control affordable and accessible
  2. Advocate for paid parental leave so new parents have time to spend with their newborn babies
  3. Support legislation protecting pregnant women from discrimination at work and in the hiring process
  4. Defend and restore access to safe, legal abortions
  5. Protect the Violence Against Women Act and its funding
  6. Support the Paycheck Fairness Act, which empowers women in gender pay disputes and improves avenues of recourse
  7. Fight for legislation that will keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers
  8. Stand with Planned Parenthood by supporting the important work they do in providing essential health and reproductive care
  9. Support the ME TOO Congress Act. We must put an end to the outrageous practices in Congress that allow members to settle claims of sexual misconduct with taxpayer dollars, mandating complainants to wait 30 days before filing a complaint, and requiring them to sign nondisclosure agreements
  10. Support legislation to remove the ratification deadline in the Equal Rights Amendment
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