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Sean believes that our most fundamental responsibility as a nation is to provide access to a world-class public education for every child, regardless of race, religion, economic status, or zip code. We must commit to providing universal early childhood education and ensure that all students have access to a top-quality elementary, high school, and trade school or higher education.

As a parent of two daughters attending public school in Downers Grove and as a Congressman meeting with teachers and administrators across Chicagoland, Sean has seen firsthand how the federal dollars he fought to secure for Illinois as part of the American Rescue Plan have been used to hire dedicated counselors to support students’ mental, emotional, and physical health and return to the classroom permanently and safety.

In Congress, Sean:

  • Passed into Law his amendment to help sexual assault victims on college campuses by ensuring campus faculty are trained to recognize victims of sexual or domestic violence.
  • Introduced the Pell Grant Sustainability Act that would ensure Pell Grants keep up with the cost of inflation.
  • Introduced bipartisan legislation to require accreditation institutions to take action to protect students from sudden school closures.
  • Introduced the ESP Family Leave Act which allows education support professional to meet the hours of service requirements for family and medical leave .

We are at our best when every child has equal access to opportunity, and that requires having strong schools in every district. Sean is proud to send his children to public schools in IL-06.

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