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(April 20th, 2022) Before voting begins in Illinois’ sixth congressional district, voters need to know that Representative Marie Newman is a scandal-plagued politician.

A federal investigation uncovered that Marie Newman signed a contract to pay off a political an opponent with a six-figure taxpayer-funded job (Source). During negotiations over the contract, Newman even discussed committing to follow her opponent’s specific policy positions in exchange for him exiting the race (Source, pages 97-102). After he sued, Newman entered into a secret settlement and is now paying her former opponent more than $78,500 (Source 1, Source 2). Newman could face criminal charges, with a possible prison sentence of up to two years (Source, page 5).

Additional information:
House ethics panel extends review of allegations that U.S. Rep. Marie Newman offered rival a job to stay out of election (Chicago Tribune)

House ethics committee continues Rep. Marie Newman’s probe over alleged job offer to potential rival (Chicago Sun-Times)

Dem Rep Signed Contract Promising Job to Rival, Watchdog Says (Daily Beast)

Ethics office says Reps. Newman, Lamborn may have broken law (AP)

A Progressive Lawmaker Claims She Did Nothing Wrong. Her Former Allies Aren’t So Sure (Rolling Stone)

New Twist in Dem Rep’s Bribery Scandal: Negotiating Anti-Israel Positions (Daily Beast)

Voters also need to know that while families have seen their incomes shrink during the pandemic, Newman and her husband are one of the largest stock traders in Congress, trading more than $5.8 million in stocks in companies like Exxon (Source.). While Newman had access to Congressional inside information, Newman and her husband profited off the pandemic.

Additional Information:
– When the government was buying vaccines, Rep. Newman traded in vaccine makers’ stocks (Daily Herald / Crain’s Chicago Business)

After that, voters need to read that Sean Casten is a scientist who is focused on solving climate change, creating good-paying clean energy jobs, and lowering the cost of energy. As one of the few scientists in Congress and someone with a business background, Casten is undoing the damage done by Donald Trump and using his real-world experience to address the climate crisis in a practical way. Sean knows that investing in clean energy will create jobs, reduce our reliance on foreign oil from the Middle East or Putin’s Russia and bring down energy costs for all Americans.

Additional Information:
This moderate Dem just might be the Hill’s top climate nerd (The Hill)

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