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Sean Casten Endorsed By

Barack Obama
44th U.S. President
Dick Durbin
US Senator for Illinois
Elizabeth Warren
US Senator for Massachusetts
Dan Reicher
Director of Climate and Energy Initiatives, Google, 2007-2010
Denis Hayes
National organizer of the first Earth Day and International Chair of the Earth Day 2020
Hank Habicht
Former Deputy Administrator of the US EPA
Katie McGinty
Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality and Deputy Assistant to President Bill Clinton
Nora Mead Brownell
Former Commissioner, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Roger Ballentine
Former Chairman of the White House Climate Change Task Force under President Clinton
Tom Jensen
Former Majority Counsel to the US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
Jack Franks
McHenry County Board Chairman
Cynthia Borbas
Chair of the Wayne Township Democrats
Bill McKibben
Author of The End of Nature
Bill Reilly
Former Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

Endorsing Organizations

League of Conservation Voters

The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) works to turn environmental values into national, state and local priorities

Sierra Club Illinois Chapter

The Sierra Club Illinois Chapter was formed over 50 years ago to explore, enjoy, and protect Illinois

Illinois Education Association

IEA is an association composed of Illinois elementary and secondary teachers, higher education faculty and staff, educational support professionals, retired educators and college students preparing to become teachers

Red to Blue

Red to Blue is a highly competitive and battle-tested program at the DCCC that arms top-tier candidates with organizational and fundraising support to help them continue to run strong campaigns


Swing Left helps you find and commit to supporting progressives in your closest Swing District so that you can help ensure we take back the House in 2018

National Education Association

The National Education Association (NEA), the nation's largest professional employee organization, is committed to advancing the cause of public education

End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee dedicated to countering the disastrous effects of Citizens United and reforming our campaign finance system

Climate Hawks Vote

Climate Hawks Vote is a small-scale, grassroots-funded super-PAC that supports candidates and elected officials whom it identifies as making climate change a top priority

Leadership Now Project

The Leadership Now Project is a nonpartisan membership organization of business professionals who are concerned with the future of our democracy

314 Action

314 Action is the largest pro-science advocacy organization committed to electing scientists and STEM professionals to public office

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Federation of America is a nonprofit organization that provides sexual health care in the United States and globally


NARAL Pro-Choice America organization in the United States that engages in political action and advocacy efforts to oppose restrictions on abortion and expand access to abortion


The AFL-CIO is the largest federation of unions in the United States. It is made up of fifty-six national and international unions, together representing more than 12 million active and retired workers.

Illinois Federation of Teachers

The Illinois Federation of Teachers is a statewide organization made up of more than 200 local unions throughout Illinois.

Human Rights Campaign

The Human Rights Campaign is the largest LGBT civil rights advocacy group and political lobbying organization in the United States

Also Endorsed By

Jigar Shah
Founder, SunEdison

Clark Bullard
Former Director, US Department of Energy Office of Conservation & Renewable Policy

Peter Fox-Penner
Former Deputy Administrator of the US EPA

Clark Bullard
Former Director, US Department of Energy Office of Conservation & Renewable Policy

Don Wuebbles
Former Deputy Director at the Office of Science and Technology Policy under President Obama

John Schmitt
Algonquin Village President

Erik Spande
Winfield Village President

Nate Sippel
Naperville Township Clerk

Eddie Bedford
Naperville Township Supervisor

Liz Chaplin
DuPage County Board Member, District 02

Charles Bayless
Former President & Provost, West Virginia Institute of Technology
Board member of multiple energy and climate organizations

Chris James
Former Manager Climate Change and Energy Programs at the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection
Connecticut Staff Lead at RGGI

Joel Gordes
Chief Strategist, Center for Energy Security Solutions

John Jimison
Former Senior Counsel, U.S. House Energy & Commerce Committee
Former Executive Director, U.S. Combined Heat & Power Association

John Noel
2008 recipient of the Governor’s Lifetime Conservation Achievement Award, Tennessee’s highest environmental accolade from Governor Phil Bredesen

John Topping
National Environmental Leader and recognized by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for contributions that led to their 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

Ken Colburn
Former Director, Air Resources Division of the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Michael MacCracken
Senior Scientist, Office of the US Global Change Research Program (retired)
Senior Scientist for Climate Change Programs, Climate Institute

Peter Byck
Senior Sustainability Scientist, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability, Arizona State University
Director, Producer, and Writer of “Carbon Nation”

Ross Gelbspan
Author of The Heat is On and Boiling Point
Former Editor and Reporter at The Boston Globe
Co-recipient of a Pulitzer Prize for public service reporting

Frederick W. Weston III
Vermont Public Service Board, 1989 – 2000
Co-Chair, NARUC Staff Sub-Committee to the Committee on Conservation, 1994-1997
Co-Chair, NARUC Staff Sub-Committee to the Ad Hoc Committee on Electric Industry Restructuring, 1996-1998

John A. “Skip” Laitner
Former Senior Economist for Technology Policy, US EPA
Past President, Association for Environmental Studies & Sciences

John Cuttica
Director, Energy Resources Center, University of Illinois Chicago (retired)
Vice President End Use Research & Development, Gas Research Institute (retired)

Joyce Coffee
President, Climate Resilience Consulting

Kendrick Frazier
Editor, Skeptical Inquirer
Former editor, Science News
Author, “The Violent Face of Nature”

Lee Lynd
Queneau Distinguished Professor in Environmental Engineering Design, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College

Neal Elliott
Recipient of the USCHPA’s Champion of Combined Heat and Power Award
Energy professional with four decades advising government, business and non-profits on energy efficiency markets, technology and policy

Steve Cowell
President, E4 The Future
Former President and Founder, Conservation Services Group
2017 Winner of Northeast Clean Energy Council’s “”Decade of Influence”” Award”

Suzanne Watson
Former Senior Climate and Energy Advisor, Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management

Andrew Balser
Arctic Scientist specializing in permafrost and climate change

Carl Irwin
Director, Energy Efficiency Division, West Virginia University

Dharam Punwani
President, Avalon Consulting
Energy efficiency advisor & consultant to numerous companies, institutions and municipalities

Jito Coleman
President and VP Engineering at Northern Power Systems (retired)
Chair of the ACT 250 District 5 Environmental Commission, State of Vermont
Founding Member of AWEA R&D Committee

Mark Laser
Senior Research Scientist & Lecturer, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College

Nancy LaPlaca
Former policy advisor to Commissioner Paul Newman, Arizona Corporations Commission

Paul Lemar
President, Resource Dynamics Corporation

Peter van Walsum
Associate Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Forest Bioproducts Research Institute, University of Maine

Ted Bronson
President, Power Equipment Associates and 2003 “”CHP Champion”” from the United States Combined Heat & Power Association
Former Associate Director, Distributed Energy Technology Center at the Gas Technology Institute

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