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LGBTQ rights are human rights, period. To deny any citizen the full set of rights and opportunities afforded to any other citizen is simply wrong and unconscionable.

Too many LGBTQ children face harassment, are exposed to homelessness, and take their own lives. Too many qualified members of our workforce face discrimination because of sexual orientation or gender identity. And too many gaps exist in our civil rights laws, leaving LGBTQ Americans without the full protections that other citizens enjoy.

Throughout our nation’s history, it’s taken time for society to catch up with the spirit of our founding documents. To establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, promote the general welfare, and truly proclaim that all people are created equal, we must continue to expand and fight for LGBTQ equality.

How I plan to lead on LGBTQ issues

  1. Support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act to ensure that LGBTQ workers cannot be discriminated against in the workplace and hiring process
  2. Support the Equality Act, which will expand upon our civil rights legislation to ensure non-discrimination protections against LGBTQ Americans in “employment, housing, credit, education, public spaces and services, federally funded programs, and jury service”
  3. Fight to protect the Affordable Care Act provisions that prohibit discrimination in the insurance market
  4. Protect the Adoption Tax Credit, which enables same-sex couples to adopt and start a family, and fight against discriminatory practices in the adoption process
  5. Support legislation that would ban the heinous practice of conversion therapy
  6. Defend legislation such as the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act that protects LGBTQ Americans against hate crimes and fight to protect funds for state and local agencies to investigate and prosecute these crimes
  7. Support services for homeless youth, ensuring that those services do not discriminate against individuals because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, and support and expand funding for federal grants for organizations that serve homeless LGBTQ youth
  8. Act as a watchdog for the district to ensure that all existing federal protections for LGBTQ Americans are recognized, including in our school districts — so that LGBTQ students feel safe
  9.  Fight to fully fund programs that prevent, educate about, and treat HIV/AIDS
  10. Support legislation to ensure that our foreign policies are inclusive, promoting the human rights of LGBTQ individuals
  11. Support efforts that enable transgender Americans to change their gender on government identification documents and allow transgender Americans to use the public facilities that fit their gender identities

Donald Trump and Peter Roskam have failed LGBTQ Americans

  • For the last three Congressional sessions, Peter Roskam has received a ZERO score from the Human Rights Campaign for his failure to support any of their legislation to protect and expand LGBTQ rights.
  • When moderate Republicans attempted to make their party more inclusive in 2016, Peter Roskam lobbied the Illinois GOP to keep language in the party platform defining marriage as between one man and one woman.
  • The Trump Administration has:
    • Rolled back the Department of Education and Justice guidelines allowing students to use the facilities that correspond to their gender identities
    • Disempowered the Obama Administration executive order ensuring that federal contracts are not awarded to companies that discriminate against LGBTQ employees
    • Stated that transgender Americans will no longer be allowed serve in the military
    • Promoted ACA repeal, with Peter Roskam’s support, which would have stripped health care access to individuals living with HIV/AIDS
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