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Sean Casten represents Illinois’ 6th Congressional District, located in Chicago’s western suburbs. He is serving in the 117th Congress. First elected in 2018, he is the first Democrat to represent the 6th District in nearly 50 years.

The New 6th Congressional District

What is Redistricting?
Redistricting is the process of drawing the boundaries for congressional districts across the country. This helps ensure adequate representation that accounts for population changes in different communities. The drawing of new congressional districts is required by the US Constitution to take place following the decennial census.

I’m new to the 6th District – who is Sean Casten?
Welcome to the 6th District! Sean Casten is a respected scientist and clean energy entrepreneur who was first elected to Congress in 2018. Sean is fighting for a brighter, more sustainable future for our children and our planet. To learn more about Sean, click here.

I used to live in the 6th District, but I’m in a new district now. Can I still support Sean?
Absolutely! Many have been supporting Sean since you helped flip this seat in 2018. Being out of the 6th District is disappointing, but Sean is still honored to have your support. While you aren’t able to vote for him, you can still volunteer and donate!

How can I donate to Sean?
Sean is already facing Republican opposition, and your help means we are that much closer to having the resources we need to keep Sean in office. To donate to Sean, click here.


Sean is on our side and will represent our values, and we need him in Congress. But don’t just take our word for it. Ask the dozens of elected officials, government administrators, environmental activists, and clean energy leaders who have endorsed Sean Casten for Congress.

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