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Sean Casten is fighting for us

Washington isn’t working for our families for a simple reason: Facts are taking a back seat to politics when informing policy. That’s just wrong. Sean knows that facts matter, and ignoring facts is a sure way to hurt people. His facts first approach to every issue is informed by data, expert input, and the reality we face.

Veterans Policy

Veterans, Servicemembers, and Military Families

Racial Justice

We must take bold action to ensure that our country lives up to its founding principle that all people are created equal.

The Right to Vote

The most fundamental right as Americans is the right to vote. U.S. Citizens are being routinely disenfranchized by arcane laws and policies designed to thin voter rolls, particularly affecting low-income and minority Americans. This is wrong. We should be strengthening our democracy, not dismantling it.

Jobs and Growing our Economy

To grow our economy and create jobs, we need to invest in infrastructure and job training programs.

Health Care

Sean is working to preserve commonsense protections for patients, help expand coverage for those who need affordable care, and lower costs as we move to make sure health coverage is truly universal.

Women’s and Reproductive Rights

Equal work for equal pay and full reproductive freedom are just the start of a long-overdue agenda to empower women.


In a global economy, we won’t be the land of 21st-century jobs without a substantial commitment to investing in public education.

Energy and Climate Policy

Sean’s career as a scientist and clean energy entrepreneur has shown that you don’t have to choose between protecting the planet and creating jobs.

LGBTQ Rights

We’ve made extraordinary progress as a society in expanding equality for LGBTQ Americans, but we still have work to do.

Immigration Reform

During his work with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Sean investigated what comprehensive immigration reform should look like.

Gun Safety

In Congress, Sean will work to implement common-sense gun reforms that the overwhelming majority of Americans demand.

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