October 5, 2018 Press Releases


Roskam Silent As Trump, Republicans Attack Women Who’ve Accused Kavanaugh of Sexual Misconduct

(Downers Grove, IL)  Friday, October 5, 2018 – As the Senate prepares to vote on the confirmation of controversial Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Sean Casten, Illinois’ Sixth District Congressional candidate, submitted petitions from hundreds of people from across the Sixth District calling for Peter Roskam to rescind his support for Kavanaugh.

“Peter Roskam and other Congressional Republicans rubber-stamped Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment as soon as Donald Trump selected him. In light of Dr. Blasey Ford’s brave decision to testify before the Senate and everything we have learned about Brett Kavanaugh since, Peter Roskam’s constituents deserve to know if he still sees Kavanaugh as an “exemplary” nominee who deserves a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court,” said Sean Casten, Sixth District candidate for Congress. “I join with the hundreds of people who signed this petition to demand that Roskam rescind his endorsement of Kavanaugh.”

Congressman Peter Roskam issued an official statement on July 10th, the day after Kavanaugh was nominated, endorsing Kavanaugh as “the type of jurist Americans want on the Supreme Court. The appointment of Judge Kavanaugh is an excellent choice and I urge my Senate colleagues to confirm him.”

Casten criticized Peter Roskam at the time for jumping the gun and endorsing Kavanaugh’s appointment before hearings were held and Peter Roskam’s constituents could be heard from. Casten held his own listening session at the time to hear from constituents and experts on Roe v. Wade and women’s health issues pertinent to the SCOTUS nominee.