September 12, 2018 Media


Peter Roskam Co-Sponsors Tax Scam 2.0

(Downers Grove, IL)  September 12, 2018 – Following the IRS report showing that taxpayers in the Sixth Congressional District will suffer the worst blow in Illinois from their own Congressman’s tax law, Peter Roskam signed on for a second round of tax hikes on local residents. Today, Sean Casten released the following statement:

“It’s astonishing to watch Peter Roskam double-down on the double taxation of his own constituents,” said Casten. “The IRS data is clear: Sixth District residents will be paying more thanks to Peter Roskam’s cap on state and local property tax deductions. Instead of providing relief for homeowners, this will cost taxpayers $5 trillion.”

This week, Casten highlighted recent IRS numbers showing that Sixth District residents have the highest average SALT deductions in Illinois – ranging from $18,369 in Lake County to $11,780 in McHenry.

“Not only will Peter Roskam increase our country’s debt with his corporate giveaway, he’s promised to pay for it by going after Social Security and Medicare. Instead of listening to us and representing our interests, Peter Roskam is returning the many, many favors that special interests have given to him, including more than $1.5 million from Wall Street and more than $450,000 from lobbyists who helped write Roskam’s tax bill and are now reaping the benefits of their ‘investment’ in him at our expense.”

Yesterday, it was reported that Peter Roskam’s tax bill will add $1 trillion to the deficit earlier than projected.