July 27, 2018 Media, Press Releases


Peter Roskam Continues Putting Fiction Before Fact in Second Debate

(Downers Grove, IL ) July 26, 2018 – Tonight in the City of Chicago Peter Roskam doubled-down on his attacks on women’s rights and protecting voter’s health care. Sixth District Congressional Candidate Sean Casten released the following statement:

“Peter Roskam continued his support for Donald Trump by reiterating his fictitious denials of stripping his constituents of their health care, and failing to protect a women’s right to choose,” said Casten. “As a scientist I deal in facts, and that’s what I did in tonight’s debate. Peter Roskam continued to try to rewrite history when in reality he’s voted dozens of times to gut health care, he’s repeatedly attacked women’s reproductive health, and when he tries to distance himself from President Trump – he can’t hide from the fact he voted with him 94% of the time.”

“We need an independent check on Donald Trump, not another politician in Washington dealing in alternative facts.”

Tonight Peter Roskam admitted that he’s dodging his constituents, glossed over voting against protecting people with pre-existing conditions, refused to hold Trump accountable on Russia, and doubled-down against protecting a woman’s right to choose.