October 18, 2020 Press Releases

Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. Sean Casten Meet with IL-06 Supporters

DOWNERS GROVE, IL – Rep. Sean Casten and Rep. Adam Schiff met with about 100 supporters today during a Casten for Congress Weekend of Action phone bank.

“Sean is among our best and brightest new talent,” said Rep. Adam Schiff said during the event. “He is what gives me optimism about the future, because the freshman class, that he [Rep. Casten] is a part of, is without a doubt the most talented new group of members we have ever had. He has done something extraordinarily difficult in these highly polarized times, which is to be respected by members of both parties.”

“We’ve all been saying for a long time – take nothing for granted in this election and accept nothing less than a landslide,” said Rep. Sean Casten. “We need not just a margin of victory, but a sufficient margin that we can govern from a mandate, and send a message that the values of Trump and the values of Jeanne Ives have no place in American politics.”

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