October 21, 2020 Press Releases

Sean Casten Releases Three New TV Ads

DOWNERS GROVE, IL – Rep. Sean Casten released three new TV ads for the final two weeks of the election.

Campaign spokesman Jacob Vurpillat released the following statement:
“For the past two years, Rep. Casten has always stood up for his community. He fought for funding to help businesses avoid layoffs during COVID. He protected people with pre-existing conditions and a woman’s right to choose. He’s been a champion for the people of the 6th District, and that’s why he’ll be re-elected this November.”

“Dance Studio”
You can watch the ad “Dance Studio” here, which features small business owners.

You can watch the ad “Choice” here, which highlights the work of Jeanne Ives and Donald Trump to roll back reproductive rights for women.

You can watch the ad “Ziba” here, which demonstrates Rep. Casten’s commitment to protecting people with pre-existing conditions.

Full scripts are below.

Robin “We started our business 22 years ago. It’s our labor of love.”

Amy “When COVID hit, we were worried we’d have to lay off employees. But, they’re not just employees to us. They’re like family.”

Narrator: “Working across the aisle to support funding for thousands of local businesses, Sean Casten helped to keep the doors open and people at work.”

Robin: “We got the help we needed and avoided layoffs.”

Amy: “Sean Casten is a businessman. He gets it. He’s a congressman that we can count on.”

Rep. Casten: “I’m Sean Casten and I approve this message.”

Narrator: “Too often he wants to make it his choice, when it’s really about your choice.”

Rep. Casten: “I’m Sean Casten and it’s way past time to make sure women’s health care decisions are their own.”

Narrator: “Donald Trump and Jeanne Ives want to defund Planned Parenthood, and close women’s health clinics, which would be devastating during the pandemic. And Ives and Trump oppose a woman’s right to choose. If they got their way, women would have no choice.”

Rep. Casten: “I’m Sean Casten, and I approve this message because I will always protect a woman’s right to choose.”

Emilija: “You get used to living with type one diabetes.”

Ziba: “Insulin is so expensive. Even with our insurance, we still pay $16,000 a year for health care.”

Rep. Casten: “Donald Trump repeatedly tried to abolish protections for families with pre-existing conditions. Families like Ziba’s have a lot on their plate. Washington shouldn’t make it harder. That’s why I will always protect their health care.”

Ziba: “When it comes to my family’s health care, I trust Sean Casten.”

Rep. Casten: “I’m Sean Casten and I approve this message.”

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