October 19, 2018 Press Releases


Casten Calls Out Roskam for Failing to Vote to Fund Election Security Infrastructure

(Downers Grove, IL) October 19, 2018 – After the Justice Department charged the first Russian national with election interference in the midterm elections, Sixth Congressional District candidate Sean Casten released the following statement:

“It is a stain on our democracy that Republicans who hold majorities in the House, Senate, and control the White House, have failed to take tangible action to secure our election infrastructure and hold Russia responsible for their actions,” said Casten. “Peter Roskam has abdicated his duty to protect our elections. When Congress tried to pass additional funding for our election authorities, Peter Roskam voted no. We expect Donald Trump to cozy up to Vladimir Putin, but it’s disappointing when Peter Roskam won’t prioritize America.”

After Illinois was identified by U.S. intelligence agencies as one of the seven states compromised prior to the 2016 elections, Peter Roskam still voted against additional funding to secure our election infrastructure from foreign interference and secure our democracy. Casten has previously spoken out alongside Senator Durbin to call out Peter Roskam for failing to protect our elections.