October 20, 2018 Press Releases


After Years of Endorsing Peter Roskam, Northwest Herald Endorses Sean Casten for Congress

(Downers Grove, IL) October 20, 2018 – After endorsing Peter Roskam in 2012, 2014, and 2016, Shaw Media’s Northwest Herald today joined the Chicago Sun Times in endorsing first-time candidate Sean Casten for Congress in Illinois’ Sixth District. In particular, the Northwest Herald praised Casten’s independence, strong understanding of economic issues as a former CEO, and the unique perspective he will bring to Congress.

Key Points:

“It is likely Casten will bring a new perspective to pressing issues – notably climate change – that threaten not only our country but our world. Although he certainly has values of the Democratic Party, Casten is not the typical Democrat. His background as a company CEO gives him more regard for and understanding of private-sector concerns than a run-of-the-mill tax-and-spender.

A builder of companies, Casten displays a solid grasp of manufacturing, trade and economic issues. On immigration, Casten looks beyond the simplistic plans of building walls and locking up people who cross the border, at questions such as why are people overstaying their work visas, and does that mean the number we provide each year is out of step with economic growth here.

Casten pledges to be driven by facts rather than political considerations in decision-making, and even he admits that this elicits groans from some because politicians say this all the time. But if there are ‘win-win’ solutions to be found to address challenging problems, we would like to see someone take a shot at them.”

“We…believe that Casten has an approach and expertise that we need in Congress now.

Today’s Northwestern Herald endorsement follows ratings changes from Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball, Cook Political Report, and Inside Elections, which now rate Illinois’ Sixth Congressional District race as “Lean Democrat” and after the Chicago Sun Times reported on a recent poll showing Sean Casten ahead by five points.