October 19, 2018 Press Releases


(Downers Grove, IL) October 19, 2018 – This morning, Sixth District Candidate and scientist Sean Casten joined Felicia Chase, Union Steward of AFGE Local 704, and Jen Walling, Illinois Representative to the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund, to release an environmental scorecard on the IL-06 candidates, as well as to highlight Peter Roskam’s complicity with industry insiders to stifle science. Video of everyone’s remarks today are available here.

Sean Casten highlighted why Peter Roskam has been silent on the local crisis of Sterigenics. Last month the American Chemistry Council (ACC) requested that the EPA reconsider the risk value of ethylene oxide which the EPA recently acknowledged as a known human carcinogen. FEC reports reveal that Peter Roskam has accepted funds from the ACC throughout the last four election cycles and the ACC is running ads to keep Peter Roskam in Congress. In response to these revelations, Sixth District candidate and scientist Sean Casten released the following statement:

“There is no clearer proof that Peter Roskam puts corporate interests above those of his constituents. The American Chemistry Council has been lining his pockets and Roskam has been advocating on their behalf and directly harming his constituents in the sixth district,” said Sean Casten. “Peter Roskam is a rubber stamp for President Trump’s fact-free, science-denying Administration, and special interests, which is actively harming the health and well being of his constituents. The voters of Illinois Sixth understand this, which is why he will be unemployed come January 2019.”

“Peter Roskam has earned a failing grade over and over–failing to protect the health of his constituents and consistently placing special interests over the interests of over 900 Environmental Protection Agency employees represented by AFGE.” said Felicia Chase, Union Steward, AFGE Local 704.“Today, AFGE gives our wholehearted endorsement of scientist Sean Casten, who will advocate for the interests of working people.”

“The League of Conservation Voters Action fund is proud to stand by scientist Sean Casten and AFGE to represent thousands of concerned climate voters in Illinois.” said Jen Walling, Illinois Representative to the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund. “The Sixth District is sorely overdue for fact-based, policy focused leadership that will serve as an independent check on President Trump’s Administration and work to combat their dangerous policies that pollute the earth and harm access to clean air and water.”

This incident isn’t the first time Peter has taken his marching orders from the American Chemistry Council. In February 2017, the ACC lobbied in support of HR 1431, which would force the EPA to put industry representatives picked by groups like the ACC on the Science Advisory Board, the same board that makes decisions that determined ethylene oxide was a known human carcinogen. One month later, Peter Roskam voted for that bill to gut the EPA Science Advisory Board.

Since 2006, Peter Roskam has been accepting campaign contributions from American Chemistry Council, per the FEC, and OpenSecrets. He has a lifetime voting record of 7% according to the League of Conservation Voters.

Sean Casten is a scientist and spent 18 years as a clean-energy entrepreneur. He has been endorsed by the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters as well as by many leading climate scientists and former government environmental officials.