August 6, 2018 Media


Roskam and GOP Persist in Falsehoods About Casten Health Care Position Despite Denials in Two Debates

(Downers Grove, IL)  August 6, 2018 – Rep. Peter Roskam and the GOP have been lying about Sean Casten’s position on health care. On the day of a public Sixth District health care forum that Peter Roskam is skipping, the campaign for Sixth District Congressional candidate Sean Casten released the following statement:

“Not only does Sean not support the plan that Roskam and the GOP describe, Sean has said this to Peter Roskam’s face in two campaign debates,” Greg Bales, Campaign Manager for Sean Casten said. “Sean Casten welcomes the opportunity to discuss his positions publicly with Peter Roskam, but once again Peter Roskam is avoiding a public forum in his district – continuing to duck the opportunity to debate.”

Peter Roskam and his backers continue to falsely contend that Casten supports single-payer government health care. Casten has a clear proposal for a means-tested, base level of healthcare coverage available to those who don’t have health coverage through their employers, unions, VA, Medicare, Medicaid or personal finances.

The Casten campaign charged that the GOP and Peter Roskam are lying about Sean’s position only to divert attention from Peter Roskam’s own vulnerable record on healthcare, noting that Peter Roskam:

Sean Casten will continue to set the record straight today at a Health Care Forum. Peter Roskam was also invited, but has declined to attend.