August 3, 2018 Press Releases


Trump Administration Rolls Back Fuel Efficiency & Mileage Standards, Peter Roskam Chooses Silence Over Accountability

(Downers Grove, IL) August 3, 2018 – Yesterday, the Trump Administration finalized plans to roll back fuel efficiency and mileage standards for automobiles, and again Rep. Peter Roskam declined to protect the environment or his constituents’ health and pocketbooks. Sixth District Congressional candidate Sean Casten, and Director of the Sierra Club Illinois Chapter, Jack Darin, today released the following statement:

“Peter Roskam can stop pretending he truly cares about the environment or the health and pocketbooks of his constituents,” said Casten. “Rolling back these rules is a step backwards for climate change, for public health, and for taxpayers – lesser fuel savings means fewer dollars in people’s pocketbooks. As a scientist and as a businessman, I deal in facts – not politics. Peter Roskam’s unwillingness to stand up to Donald Trump’s factless policies shows he’s not truly committed to protecting our environment or holding this President accountable.”

“Rolling back the Clean Car Standards is one of the most significant attacks on clean air and climate action in history, and, Donald Trump is making it clear his mantra is pollution over everything.  Peter Roskam’s indifference to these attacks on our environment and families health have gone on for too long,” said Darin. “The families of the Sixth District deserve a representative who will continue fighting to protect the clean car standards and the health of our communities.”

Environmentalists, organized labor, and major health organizations like the American Lung Association have all expressed their opposition to the rule change. The transportation sector is the largest greenhouse emitter in the United States, and this rule change will significantly weaken efforts to cut automobile pollution.

The nonpartisan League of Conservation Voters has given Roskam a lifetime score of voting for the environment only six percent of the time. Since Donald Trump’s election, his score has dropped to three percent.

Sean Casten is a scientist and clean-energy entrepreneur. He has been endorsed by the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters as well as by many leading climate scientists and former government environmental officials.