August 8, 2018 Media


Peter Roskam Falsely Attacks Sean Casten In His First Negative Ad

(Downers Grove, IL) August 8, 2018 – Today, Rep. Peter Roskam rolled out his first negative TV attack ad against Sean Casten, candidate for congress in Illinois’ Sixth District. The Casten campaign released the following statement:

“It’s pathetic and very telling that after 25 years on the public payroll, Roskam’s TV ad doesn’t even mention his own record but just throws mud at Sean,” said Greg Bales, Campaign Manager for Sean Casten. “The attacks come from a lawsuit filed during an attempted hostile takeover, which happens in business — something a career politician like Peter Roskam wouldn’t understand.  Peter wants to muddy up Sean’s record as a successful green-energy entrepreneur because it contrasts so sharply with his own record of rubber-stamp partisanship — voting 94 percent of the time with President Trump.

Sean has been open and honest about his record, while Peter Roskam attempted to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics after they investigated his own.

“Peter Roskam knows that he can’t survive a campaign based on the truth about his own record, so he’s chosen to lie about Sean. The voters of the Sixth District, whom Roskam avoids at all costs, deserve far better from their Congressman than misleading negative ads. We’re confident they’ll choose ideas and independence over insults and partisanship on November 6th.”

Peter Roskam’s ad references a hostile takeover attempt of one of Sean’s businesses. The disputes were amicably resolved, allowing Sean to protect both his employees and investors.