June 28, 2018 Blog, Press Releases

Six Month Anniversary of Trump Tax Scam

Roskam Celebrates Corporate Windfall

On the six month anniversary of the passing of Donald Trump and Paul Ryan’s corporate tax cuts, Peter Roskam celebrates with a victory lap. Sean Casten, Democratic candidate for the 6th District, released in response the following statement:

“Peter Roskam voted to cut taxes for big corporations, and placed the cost on the backs of 6th District residents in the form of middle class tax increases,” said Casten. “$2.3 trillion will be added to our national deficit, and in order to pay for it, Roskam and Trump have their eyes set on cutting Medicare and Social Security. And the corporations that Roskam paid out have bought back $500 billion to date in corporate stock buybacks, rewarding their shareholders and not their employees or customers.[1] It’s clear this bill wasn’t meant to help average Americans, and Roskam should be ashamed – not celebrating.”


1. Americans for Tax Fairness https://americansfortaxfairness.org/stock-buybacks/