June 29, 2018 Blog, Press Releases

Roskam Channels Trump in Negative Ad, Casten Campaign Fires Back

Peter Roskam Negative Ad Lies to Voters, Uses Trump Alternative Facts

Anne Wick, Campaign Chair for Democratic candidate for the 6th District Sean Casten, released the following statement in response to Peter Roskam’s first negative ad lying about Sean and his own positions on healthcare:

“Peter Roskam voted against Obamacare when it first passed, and then voted at least 60 times to repeal it. Roskam’s alternative would weaken protections for people with pre-existing conditions and allow insurance companies to charge older Americans up to five times more for their health insurance,” said Wick. “Roskam voted for Paul Ryan’s bill which cut healthcare for 34,000 6th District residents – 24 million nationally – raised premiums 20%, and to add insult to injury, included a tax cut for healthcare executives.”

“We expect Donald Trump to traffic in alternative facts, and now Peter Roskam has taken Trump’s cue by lying about Casten’s positions. It’s obvious Peter doesn’t want to run on his record of raising middle class taxes and taking healthcare away from millions of Americans, and instead wants to hypocritically attack Sean Casten.”