October 28, 2022 Press Releases

Pekau Makes Hundreds of Requests for Special Police Presence at His Home

DOWNERS GROVE, IL Recently uncovered public records indicate that, since Keith Pekau became Mayor in 2017, Orland Park Police have been sent to Pekau’s home over 260 times for “extra watch”, including the day of an armed robbery at the Orland Square Mall.

Taking hours of police time and costing taxpayer resources, these calls are unprecedented in Orland Park history and pull officers away from keeping the rest of their community safe.

“From his self-interested misuse of law enforcement to being investigated for using taxpayer money to enrich himself, Keith Pekau has shown us who he prioritizes as mayor – himself”, said Casten for Congress campaign spokesman Trevor Nyland.

“As voters and constituents grow increasingly concerned about crime and safety, Mayor Pekau wasted police resources to check on him more than 260 times. Meanwhile, Congressman Sean Casten was fighting for local law enforcement in Congress, bringing home millions of dollars in police funding through the American Rescue Plan & sponsoring the Invest to Protect Act, which provides local law enforcement the resources they need to fight crime,” Nyland continued.

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