October 7, 2020 Press Releases

Sean Casten Releases Fourth TV Ad “Together”

DOWNERS GROVE, IL – Rep. Sean Casten released his fourth TV ad of the cycle today. This ad is part of the $2.4 Million ad buy previously announced by the campaign.

You can watch the new ad, “Together”, here.

Campaign spokesman Jacob Vurpillat released the following statement:
“Rep. Sean Casten believes in following the facts and listening to science. Throughout this pandemic, he’s stuck to that belief. He’s worked with members of both parties to keep tens of thousands of jobs in the 6th District. Time and time again he’s shown a commitment to his constituents, and we’re confident voters will remember that at the ballot box.”


SEAN CASTEN: “Time is slipping by in the moments that we’ve missed. But, we can’t turn hurt into hopelessness. That’s why I worked across party lines to get Illinois small businesses the help they need. We saved thousands of jobs — more than anywhere else in the state. That’s why I voted for science and research funding to battle the pandemic. I’m Sean Casten and I approve this message because together, we’re going to beat this thing.”

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