October 6, 2020 Press Releases

Sean Casten Releases Third TV Ad “Doctor”

DOWNERS GROVE, IL – Rep. Sean Casten released his third TV ad of the cycle today. This ad follows Rep. Casten’s first two TV spots “Molecular” and “Grade” and is part of the $2.4 million ad buy previously announced by the campaign.

You can watch the new ad, “Doctor”, here.

Campaign spokesman Jacob Vurpillat released the following statement:
“Since the pandemic started, Jeanne Ives has shown an irresponsible commitment to spreading COVID. She’s falsely stated that children cannot contract COVID. She continuously attends in-person, indoor events and doesn’t wear a mask. Rep. Casten believes in following science and facts. Jeanne Ives believes in following the President.”


DONALD TRUMP: “We have it totally under control. When it gets a little warmer, it miraculously goes away. It is what it is”

SUSAN NEDZA, MD: “Donald Trump ignored the health experts. He pushed our healthcare system to the brink. And Jeanne Ives gives Trump an A.”

JEANNE IVES: “Yeah, I give him an A.”

NEDZA: “And she ignores science, even claiming children can’t get COVID.”

SEAN CASTEN: “We know what we need to do. Stand up to Trump, trust the science, and listen to the experts. That’s how we get this virus under control and our economy back on its feet.”

CASTEN: “I’m Sean Casten and I approve this message.”

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