October 14, 2018 Press Releases


Sean Casten Joins Parkland School Shooting Survivors for Discussion on Gun Safety

(Downers Grove, IL) October 14, 2018 – Sean Casten, Sixth Congressional District candidate, participated in a March For Our Lives town hall last night with survivors of the Parkland school shooting, students from local Illinois high schools, and advocates for common-sense gun safety reform. Casten will meet privately with the Parkland students on Monday for a follow up discussion on gun control and other issues important to them.

“I’m grateful for the chance to join the Parkland students at the March For Our Lives Town Hall,” said Casten. “It’s criminal that the political pressure of a small group is standing in the way of the will of the majority of the country who are calling for common-sense gun control that will help keep us safe. Any weapon specifically designed to kill large numbers of people shouldn’t be on our streets, period.”

Peter Roskam’s record of opposing common sense gun safety measures includes:

  • Peter Roskam has an A rating from the NRA, and is the third largest recipient of NRA funds in Illinois, with $32,216 in overall support. [News Gazette 02/20/18; Chicago Tribune 10/5/17]

  • Opposing an assault weapons ban, and claiming that armor-piercing bullets have a “sporting use.” [1994 Assault Weapons Ban, Chicago Daily Herald, 9/4/06; Letter to ATF, 3/5/15]

  • Refused to attend a local gun-safety forum sponsored by the Parkland school-shooting students. [Naperville Sun 4/6/18]]

  • Voted eight times to block consideration of the “No Fly, No Buy” bill to prevent suspects on the FBI Terror Watch List from purchasing firearms. [H. Res. 778, Vote #299, 6/14/16; HR 1927, Vote #25, 1/08/16; H.Res 581, Vote #21, 1/07/16; H Res 580, Vote #4, 1/06/16; H Res 579, Vote #2, 1/06/16; H Res 560, Vote #690, 12/11/15; Motion to Table, Vote #688 12/8/15; H Res 556 Vote #682 12/8/15]

  • Sponsored legislation that would have destroyed gun purchase records after 90 days in Illinois. [Chicago Tribune, Editorial 10/26/05]