August 21, 2018 Media, Press Releases


Trump Administration Rolls Back Clean Power Plan, Peter Roskam Chooses Silence Over Accountability

(Downers Grove, IL) August 21, 2018 – Today, the Trump Administration cut protections to prevent pollution and protect public health, and again Rep. Peter Roskam declined to protect the environment or his constituents’ health and pocketbooks. Sixth District Congressional candidate Sean Casten and 314 Action released the following statement:

“Peter Roskam’s silence equals collusion with the Trump Administration’s continued attacks on the health and well-being of Sixth District residents,” said Casten. “Rolling back these rules is a step backwards for climate change, for public health, and for taxpayers. As a clean energy businessman, I helped protect the environment and saved people money. Today, Donald Trump and Peter Roskam are paying back their corporate, dirty power benefactors – the same ones attacking me – who are the only ones who gain from these attacks on the environment. Peter Roskam’s unwillingness to stand up to Donald Trump’s policies shows he’s not truly committed to protecting our environment or holding this President accountable.”

“Peter Roskam’s support of Trump’s dirty power plan should set off alarm bells for anyone concerned about clean air and public health in his district. But based on his track record, it doesn’t come as a surprise,” said Ted Bordelon, Communications Director for 314 Action. “Roskam has consistently voted against science-based efforts that would reduce carbon emissions and help to preserve air quality, all while helping to author the GOP tax scam that continued loopholes and giveaways to the fossil fuel industry while shortchanging clean energy. It’s time for someone who supports facts and evidence to represent the 6th Congressional District, which is why 314 Action is standing with Sean Casten.

Environmentalists and major health organizations like the American Lung Association have all expressed their opposition to the rule change. In their own report, the EPA said the changes would lead up to 1,400 premature deaths annually, and by 2030 we’d see:

  • 120,000 new cases of exacerbated asthma
  • 48,000 new missed days of school
  • 48,000 missed work days
  • 760 non-fatal heart attacks
  • 690 emergency room visits for asthma
  • 300,000 minor-restricted activity days

This is the second time in recent history Roskam sat idly by while Donald Trump attacked the environment. The nonpartisan League of Conservation Voters has given Roskam a lifetime score of voting for the environment only seven percent of the time. Since Donald Trump’s election, his score has dropped to three percent.

Sean Casten is a scientist and clean-energy entrepreneur. He has been endorsed by the Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters, 314 Action – a nonprofit and PAC committed to electing more scientists to public office – and by many leading climate scientists and former government environmental officials.