August 13, 2018 Press Releases


Pants on Fire Rating From BGA; Roskam “Ducking” Says Crain’s Business Chicago

(Downers Grove)  August 13, 2018 – Congressman Peter Roskam’s negative ads attacking challenger Sean Casten are being criticized for untruthfulness, with the Better Government Association (BGA) giving Roskam a ‘Pants on Fire’ rating. Today, the Casten campaign released the following statement:

“Career politician Peter Roskam doesn’t have anything good to say about his own record of voting with President Trump 94 percent of the time,” said Casten Campaign Manager Greg Bales.  “So, instead, he’s falsely attacking Sean Casten.”

“It’s sad that, after 20 straight years in elective office, Roskam can’t offer voters any positive reasons to send him back to Washington. Even worse, his negative attack ads are riddled with falsehoods. Voters can end this kind of dishonesty and political gamesmanship with a vote for change in November.”

In its review of a Roskam ad attacking Casten’s healthcare proposals, the BGA said, “Roskam’s ad provides no support for his claims about Casten’s positions while also blaming Obamacare support for past price pressures caused, at least in part, by Republican attempts to weaken or kill the health law.” The BGA concluded that Peter Roskam’s claims are “not just wrong, they’re absurd” and gave the ad its lowest ‘Pants on Fire’ rating.

Reviewing a separate Roskam TV ad attacking Casten’s business record, Crain’s political writer Greg Hinz said the ad “leaves out all sorts of pertinent details” and that “Team Roskam is ducking some very pertinent questions.”