July 23, 2018 Blog, Press Releases


Roskam Demands and Receives Exclusive Ticket Allotment as Condition for Participating in Chicago Debate

(Downers Grove, IL) July 23, 2018 – In the days leading up to the second debate in Chicago — more than 40 miles away from the Sixth Congressional District he represents — Peter Roskam demanded additional tickets exclusively for his own campaign. The Sean Casten campaign released the following statement:

“Peter Roskam is afraid to debate in front of his own constituents. We’ve been invited to multiple debates in our own district  — open and free for voters — but Roskam refuses to even give the courtesy of a response to many of those groups. We will debate him any time, anywhere, but we prefer that debates be held in the district.”

Organizers of Thursday’s debate originally proposed 100 tickets sales, the parties agreed, and both candidates were informed simultaneously of the procedures for online sale. Those 100 seats sold quickly. Thereafter, Peter Roskam expressed concern that more tickets had been purchased by Casten supporters, and insisted upon an additional ticket allotment exclusively for his campaign as a condition to participate. The debate organizers complied, providing Roskam’s campaign with access to a secret stash of 70 additional tickets to the sold-out debate.

“Sixth District residents are clamoring to hear Peter Roskam defend his actions in Washington D.C. When given an opportunity — at $33 per ticket versus free of charge — they jumped. Our campaigns agreed to rules for this debate, but now Peter Roskam wants to change them after the fact in his favor.”

“We still eagerly look forward to the debate on Thursday, but Peter Roskam should agree right now to more debates at home in larger, free venues so all Sixth District residents have a fair and open opportunity to hear about our campaigns. If Peter Roskam is afraid of his own constituents, how can we expect him to stand up to Donald Trump?”