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Oakwood Hills is a village in the southeastern part of McHenry County, about 45 miles northwest of Chicago. Oakwood Hills is located north of Cary, west of Port Barrington, and east of Crystal Lake. As of 2016 its population was 2,050.  


Living in Oakwood Hills

Most students living in of Oakwood Hills attend schools in Prairie Grove Elementary School District 46. Those who live south of Woodland Road or in the Chalet Hills development are in Cary District 26. All high school age students attend Prairie Ridge High School, which is in High School District 155. Residents of Oakwood Hills are served by the Cary Library System.

Good Shepherd Hospital, just east of Fox River Grove, and Northern Illinois Medical Center in McHenry are the major healthcare facilities serving Oakwood Hills.

What to See

Within Oakwood Hills is a 42-acre Village Park which includes a nature preserve fen and nature trails through a wooded ravine, as well as a baseball diamond, basketball and volleyball courts in the park.

Oakwood Hills also has two beaches: North Beach and South Beach along Silver Lake. Both are pristine beaches that allow swimming, canoeing, sailboating, paddle boating and fishing in the lake which is stocked with muskies, bass and panfish. In the winter there is ice skating, hockey and cross-country skiing.

To the east of Oakwood Hills is Chalet Hills Golf Course.  This beautiful public golf course, surrounded by mature trees and natural wetlands, features sculptured fairways interspersed with scenic lakes and ponds that resulted from the retreat of the glaciers thousands of years in the past.


Congressional Representation

Portions of Oakwood Hills are in Illinois’ 14th congressional district, while other areas of the village are in the 6th district.

In the 14th district, the Democratic candidate, Lauren Underwood, is running against the incumbent  Republican, Randy Hultgren. Ms. Underwood is a first-time candidate and is a registered nurse, with policy expertise in health care. Affordable health care for residents of the district is one of the main priorities of her campaign.

In the 6th district, Sean Casten is running against the incumbent Peter Roskam, who has held the 6th district congressional seat since 2006.

Sean is committed to serving Oakwood Hills and the rest of the 6th district by focusing on facts and working to strengthen the community’s schools and economy.

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