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Lombard is located about 20 miles west of Chicago and lies in the central part of DuPage County.  It is in the south central part of the 6th congressional district and is also part of the 8th congressional district.  Lombard has a population of almost 44,000.


Living in Lombard

Lombard is a commuter suburb of Chicago, and is conveniently located near major highways and train lines.  There is also a Metra stop in Lombard, allowing for an easy rail commute to downtown Chicago. Lombard is easily accessible via I-355 and I-88, as well as North Avenue and Roosevelt Road.

What to See

Lombard is perhaps best known for its annual Lilac Festival, a 16-day event held each May. The festival includes the coronation of a Lilac Queen, concerts, wine and beer tasting, a Mother’s Day brunch, and culminates in a Lilac Festival Parade.  Most of this activity takes place in or near Lilacia Park, which boasts a brilliant display of lilac bushes and tulips. The park contains 75,000 tulips! Its splendid collection of lilac bushes and tulips draws tourists and visitors from around the region.  


Congressional Representation

Portions of Lombard are in Illinois’ 8th congressional district, while other areas of the village are in the 6th district.

In the 8th district, the incumbent Congressman is the Democrat Raja Krishnamoorthi, who was first elected in 2016.  He is being challenged by the Republican Jitendra Diganvkr.

In the 6th district, Sean Casten is running against the incumbent Peter Roskam, who has held the 6th district congressional seat since 2007.

Sean is committed to serving Lombard and the rest of the 6th district by focusing on facts and working to strengthen the community’s schools and economy.

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