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Lake in the Hills is a village in McHenry County, north of Algonquin and south of Crystal Lake. Lake in the Hills began in the 1920’s as a vacation destination for Chicagoans, centered around a neighborhood along Woods Creek Lake. Over time, year-round residences became more common than vacation homes, and today Lake in the Hills is a thriving suburb with a population of more than 25,000.


Living in Lake in the Hills

Lake in the Hills is known for its shopping destinations and its wide variety of housing options, ranging from a gated community with its own golf course and country club, to neighborhood with duplexes, neighborhoods with single family homes, and the original neighborhood of homes along the lake.

Lake in the Hills students are served by Community Unit School District 300, Crystal Lake Elementary School District 47, and Consolidated School District 158. Lincoln Prairie School, one of the elementary schools serving Lake in the Hills, was District 300’s highest scoring school on the 2016 ITBS test.  

What to See in Lake in the Hills

Lake in the Hills has four scenic lakes along its east side, including Woods Creek Lake, Goose Lake, Willow Lake and Lake Scott.

Woods Creek Lake and Goose Lake offer residents and visitors boating, fishing, beaches for swimming, and ice fishing in the winter months. Both lakes are stocked seasonally with walleye, sunfish, perch, and catfish.  


Congressional Representation

Portions of Lake in the Hills are in Illinois’ 14th congressional district, while other areas of the village are in the 6th district.

In the 14th district, Naperville nurse, Lauren Underwood (D) is running against the incumbent, Randy Hultgren (R) who has held the seat since 2011.

In the 6th district, Sean Casten is running against the incumbent Peter Roskam, who has held the 6th district congressional seat since 2006.

Sean is committed to serving Lake in the Hills and the rest of the 6th district by focusing on facts and working to strengthen the community’s schools and economy.

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