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Sean Casten is a respected scientist, clean energy entrepreneur, and author — as well as a dedicated husband and father living in Downers Grove.

Sean has devoted his career to building businesses that profitably reduce greenhouse gas emissions — an economic and environmental win-win. As our representative in Congress, he will bring that same approach to Washington, working to find and implement practical solutions to the challenges our country and community face.

For nearly two decades, Sean founded and ran multiple start-up businesses that created hundreds of new clean energy jobs. Sean’s businesses lowered energy costs and reduced pollution by increasing overall energy efficiency. That kept manufacturing plants more competitive, cleaner, and helped preserve more than 6,000 good-paying American manufacturing jobs. He understands how to build our economy while keeping our air and water clean and safe — because he’s done it. Sean has shown that being a good steward of the world goes hand-in-glove with strengthening our economy.

In Congress, Sean will fight for affordable health care and access to coverage for all Americans. He will revisit Peter Roskam’s immoral tax plan that is saddling our country with crippling debt and could force cuts to Social Security and Medicare. And Sean will fight for every woman’s right to make her own reproductive health care decisions and ensure that all women have access to preventative care, including cancer screenings.

Sean will listen to those he is elected to represent, make decisions based upon facts instead of ideology, and get things done for Illinois families.


Sean Casten will fight for us

Washington isn’t working for our families for a simple reason: Facts are taking a back seat to politics when informing policy. That’s just wrong. Sean knows that facts matter, and ignoring facts is a sure way to hurt people. His facts-first approach to every issue is informed by data, expert input, and the reality we face.

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Jobs and Growing our Economy

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