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Downers Grove is a large and dynamic community, located about 20 miles west of downtown Chicago. Like most Chicago suburbs, Downers Grove was initially an agricultural area, but grew to become a center of commerce as railways (and later, highways) connected it more closely with the city. Today, Downers Grove is home to nearly 50,000 people and hundreds of shops, restaurants, and other businesses.


Living in Downers Grove

Downers Grove’s highly-regarded public schools include two high schools, two middle schools, and twelve elementary schools. The village is also home to Midwestern University and the headquarters of Adtalem Global Education, the parent company of Devry University.

Many of Downers Grove’s largest employers are in the healthcare, insurance, and technology industries. In 2013, the village introduced its “Green Business Recognition Program” to promote environmental sustainability as its economy continues to grow.

What to See

Downers Grove is a popular destination for shoppers, who can enjoy a variety of boutiques and larger stores, along with the many restaurants and bars within walking distance of the Downers Grove Metra station.

More information about Downers Grove is available on the village website, or from the Downers Grove Chamber of Commerce.


Congressional Representation

Nearly all of Downers Grove is contained within Illinois’ 6th congressional district.

In 2018, Sean Casten (a Downers Grove resident) is running against the incumbent Peter Roskam, who has held the 6th district congressional seat since 2007.

Sean is committed to serving Downers Grove and the rest of the 6th district by focusing on facts and working to strengthen the community’s schools and economy.

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