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Located about an hour northwest of Chicago, Cary is a charming Chicago suburb, known for its great public school system, access to outdoor recreation, and its historic downtown district.


Congressional Representation

Cary is contained entirely within Illinois’ 6th congressional district.

In 2018, Sean Casten is running against the incumbent Peter Roskam, who has held the 6th district congressional seat since 2007.

Sean is committed to serving Cary and the rest of the 6th district by focusing on facts and working to strengthen the community’s schools and economy.

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Living in Cary

Cary is home to three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. School District 155 proudly maintains a high school graduation rate of over 94%.

Cary’s top employment sector is manufacturing, with major employers Sage Products, Aptargroup, CoilCraft Manufacturing, True Value Manufacturing, and Durex Industries. The manufacturing sector provides almost 2,000 jobs to the village.


What to See

Despite Cary’s growth, the town has kept its small town appeal by restoring and maintaining many original buildings dating to the village’s founding in 1863. Today, downtown Cary is home to a wide variety of historic buildings and thriving local shops.

Outside of downtown, Cary provides ample opportunities for outdoor recreation events in both the summer and winter months. In summer, hiking, biking, kayaking and fishing are popular summer activities that attract people from all over the area. When the winter months set in, residents can enjoy cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or snowmobiling on the Cary’s many nature trails.

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