September 22, 2022 Press Releases

Keith Pekau “Viral” Video Labeled Misinformation by Independent Fact-Checkers

Downers Grove, IL – Earlier this month, Keith Pekau posted a video on Facebook of himself discussing the SAFE-T Act. This video has now been flagged as misinformation by independent fact-checkers.

“Keith Pekau has no issue with misleading voters and using fear as a campaign tactic,” said Casten for Congress spokesman Trevor Nyland. “Meanwhile, Rep. Casten is voting in DC this week to pass a robust public safety package that will help police departments recruit more officers and bolster their ability to solve violent crimes. Instead of fear-mongering, Rep. Casten is actually doing the work to keep the 6th District safe.”

Pekau Misinformation

Pekau Misinformation