April 28, 2022 Press Releases

Casten Launches First Digital Ads of the Cycle

Downers Grove, IL – Today, U.S. Congressman Sean Casten (D-IL) released his first digital ads of the cycle. The ads will run on Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Hulu through Election Day as part of a six-figure digital buy. They are the first in a series of digital ads the campaign will run to highlight Rep. Casten’s work to lower costs for families, fight climate change, and protect a woman’s right to choose.

You can watch the first ad, “Prices”, by clicking the image below:


You can watch the second ad, “Moment”, by clicking the image below:

You can watch the third ad, “Worry”, by clicking the image below

You can watch the fourth ad, “Marcie”, by clicking the image below

Prices Script

From groceries to gas, everyone is feeling the pain. We need to do something about high prices. As a scientist and in Congress, I’ve worked to reduce energy costs to rely on renewables, not oil from Putin or the Middle East. But families need relief now. I’m Sean Casten, and I’m focused on everything from fixing our supply chains to lowering the cost of prescription drugs, because you work hard for your money it’s my job to work hard for you.

Moment Script

Do you have a best moment in your life? I have two, when Gwen and Audrey were born. They drove my work as a scientist trying to save our planet. And when Trump won, Gwen and I joined the Women’s March. But we knew our work couldn’t end that day. So I ran for Congress to take on the tough fights. Like fighting climate change, passing common-sense gun safety, defending a woman’s right to choose. I’m Sean Casten, and with them in my corner, there’s no fight I can’t take on.

Worry Script

They’re older now, but that doesn’t mean we worry less. I’m Democrat Sean Casten and I’m fighting for common-sense gun safety. Background checks keep all of us safe. Let’s take on the NRA to protect our classrooms and our neighborhoods.

Marcie Script

I’ve led the pro-choice movement for over 32 years, and I’m endorsing Democrat Sean Casten for Congress. Sean is 100% pro-choice, and when it comes to women’s health, Sean votes for us. So let’s vote for him.