November 3, 2018 Press Releases


Erin Micklo Shares Her Story: She Cannot Vote For Roskam Again Because He Supports Discrimination Against LGBTQ Americans And Voted To Take Away Health Care From His Constituents

(Downers Grove, IL)  November 3, 2018 – This week, the Casten Campaign released a new video highlighting the story of Erin Micklo, who previously voted for Peter Roskam four times, but will not vote for him again due to his anti-LGBTQ stance and his votes against protections for pre-existing conditions. Today, the campaign released the following statement:

“Erin’s story, is one the Casten Campaign has heard time and time again from voters.” said Greg Bales, Campaign Manager for Sean Casten. “Peter Roskam is out-of-touch with his constituents,  which is why he’s been trying to hide his extreme positions, distracting from his record of voting to eliminating protections for people with pre-existing medical conditions, and failing his constituents.”

The script of the video follows:

Erin: “I’m Erin Micklo, I’m supporting Sean Casten for Congress, because after voting for Peter Roskam four times, I’ve realized, he doesn’t listen to his constituents.

“Sean Casten listens, and as a public school teacher, I want someone who will listen to my concerns.

“I am also a parent of two wonderful kids. My daughter is gay and I want her to be able to marry whomever she chooses to marry.

“And I want my son, who has autism, to have access to health care. I want someone who will listen, and that someone is Sean Casten.”

For the last three Congressional sessions, Peter Roskam has received a ZERO score from the Human Rights Campaign for his failure to support legislation to protect and expand LGBTQ rights. When moderate Illinois Republicans attempted to make their party more inclusive in 2016, Peter Roskam personally lobbied the Illinois GOP to keep language in the party platform defining marriage as between one man and one woman — and he has a history of opposing marriage equality and legislation to protect LGBTQ Americans from discrimination.

Roskam also supported a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage as well as the Defense of Marriage Act, which defined marriage as between a man and a woman. He voted against overturning the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy and has voted with Trump 94% of the time, sitting silently while Trump expanded discriminatory policies and tried to ban transgender Americans from being able to serve in the military.