October 23, 2018 Media


Casten Calls Out Roskam’s Abysmal Record on Pre-Existing Conditions,
Threats to Medicare and Social Security

(Downers Grove, IL) October 22, 2018 – Following the 6th District Congressional Candidates’ debate, Casten for Congress Campaign Manager Greg Bales released the following statement:

“Tonight, Sean Casten showed exactly why Illinois’ Sixth District needs new, independent leadership. Once again, Peter Roskam was unable to explain away his record of voting with Trump 94% of the time and lack of open town halls in the district for over a decade. However, Roskam’s record is crystal clear and tonight, voters saw that a vote for Roskam is a vote against protections for the 322,000 Illinoisans with pre-existing conditions, and for massive tax breaks for large corporations and the wealthy paid for by cuts to Social Security and Medicare.”

Tonight was the final debate between Casten and Roskam but it was unfortunately held outside of the district. Casten and Roskam have met in person four separate times but Roskam has so far refused to debate Sean Casten in-person, in his own district, in front of his constituents.