September 28, 2018 Press Releases


Peter Roskam Votes Yes on Tax Scam 2.0

(Downers Grove, IL)  September 28, 2018 – Today, while all eyes were on SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Peter Roskam quietly took advantage of the situation to doubled down on his double-tax as the House GOP passed Tax Scam 2.0. Sean Casten, Democratic candidate for Illinois’ Sixth Congressional district released the following statement:

“It’s unconscionable watching Peter Roskam double down on his double-tax of Sixth District voters,” said Casten. “This recommitment to a tax giveaway to corporations and the wealthiest one percent will have a devastating impact on local homeowners, increasing what they already pay in state and local property taxes by adding a federal tax on top.”

“Now, Peter Roskam and Donald Trump will be looking to pay for their fiscal irresponsibility by cutting Social Security and Medicare. Make no mistake that is their plan – Trump’s own economic advisor said it, and Peter Roskam himself called people on Medicare ‘entitled individuals.’”

Earlier this month, Sean Casten highlighted how the new IRS numbers covering the 2016 tax year show that residents of Lake, DuPage, Cook, Kane and McHenry Counties had the highest average SALT deductions in Illinois – ranging from $18,369 in Lake County to $11,780 in McHenry.

In every case, the average SALT deduction exceeded the $10,000 annual cap in Roskam’s bill, meaning that 6th District residents will be “double-taxed” on the amount above the cap they pay in state and local taxes.

Following is a chart showing the number and percentage of taxpayers in each of the five counties in the 6th Congressional District who claimed the SALT deduction in 2016, and the average amount they deducted.

1. IRS Statistics of Income County Data: