August 30, 2018 Press Releases


Peter Roskam Snubs Another In-District Forum Request


(Downers Grove, IL ) August 30, 2018 – Peter Roskam, again, has refused to participate in a debate inside the 6th District. To date, zero meetings between Sean Casten and Peter Roskam have occurred inside the district. Today, Casten reiterated his challenge:

“While I continue to meet in large, public forums open to the public, Peter Roskam once again is ducking his constituents,” said Casten. “Debates are healthy and important for our democracy, and voters demand them because they want to attend and participate. But just like his refusal to hold a town meeting for more than ten years, Peter Roskam is refusing to debate in the very district he represents.”

“After our last meeting outside the district, I challenged Peter Roskam to more debates here at home. To date, he has not responded. Instead of avoiding his voters, Peter Roskam should take the Chicago Tribune’s advice and find another ‘line of work.’ ”

Local press reported Peter Roskam has declined another forum hosted by the non-partisan League of Women Voters. Peter Roskam and Sean Casten have debated three times outside of the Sixth Congressional District, and only once in front of a live audience. They have been invited to five joint forums in district:

  • Coalition for a Better Illinois 6th on August 6th (Sean Attended, Roskam Declined)

  • League of Women Voters of McHenry County on September 10th

  • League of Women Voters of Glen Ellyn on September 16th (Roskam Declined)

  • League of Women Voters of the Palatine Area on October 6th

  • The Daily Herald (Roskam Refused to Meet Publicly In-District)

Peter Roskam refused The Daily Herald’s request for a public, in-district debate. The candidates are scheduled to meet in Arlington Heights at the Daily Herald’s office on September 10, and the meeting will not be live streamed to the public.