July 13, 2018 Blog, Press Releases


VP Mike Pence in Town to Raise Funds from Peter Roskam’s Tax Bill Beneficiaries

(Downers Grove, IL) July 12, 2018 – President Donald Trump has dispatched his top cheerleader, Vice President Mike Pence, to Illinois tomorrow to raise money for Rep. Peter Roskam. Sixth District Congressional Candidate Sean Casten released the following statement:

“It’s appropriate that the cost to attend Mike Pence’s fundraiser for Peter Roskam is $25,000 per couple, because the super-wealthy benefited most from Peter Roskam’s tax bill. Meanwhile, everyday families will pay even more since Peter cut their deduction for state and local taxes – including property taxes,” said Casten.

“Peter Roskam is absent from his own fundraiser tonight because he wants to duck any photos of himself with Donald Trump’s top cheerleader, Mike Pence. While he masquerades as a ‘moderate,’ Peter Roskam’s out-of-step positions on abortion, LGBT rights and immigration mirror Mike Pence’s.  And they’re completely out-of-step with the voters he’s supposed to represent.”