June 11, 2018 Blog, Press Releases

Casten condemns high court’s inaction, offers policy fixes to voter disenfranchisement

A Republican-appointed majority of the Supreme Court refused to stop voter suppression in America this morning.

“The Court’s inaction highlights exactly how broken Washington is in the Trump era,” said Sean Casten, the Democratic nominee for Congress in IL-6. “Refusing to stop routine canceling of voters’ registration in Ohio and other states, our nation’s highest court effectively disenfranchised low-income and minority voters across America. This means Congress must act now to ensure people have access to this fundamental right.”

Justice Alito claimed the Court has “no authority” to second-guess Congress’ intent about what they expect in terms of keeping voter rolls up-to-date.

Casten noted any lack of clarity can be easily fixed by Congress, and responded by releasing eight commonsense policy solutions he would support. “We are witnessing yet another lapse of Congressional leadership – even on such fundamental rights as voting. If elected, I will fight to strengthen voting rights for all Americans and thereby strengthen our democracy.”

Casten’s proposals can be found online here.