March 22, 2018 Press Releases

Statement from Democratic nominee Sean Casten on “debate challenge”

DOWNERS GROVE (March 22) – It has been almost 10 years since Peter Roskam has had the courage to hold an open meeting with his constituents and respond to their concerns.

But now, I hear that Peter Roskam has issued a so-called “challenge” to take part in four “debates” – or rather, two editorial board meetings held behind closed doors in newspaper offices, one radio debate featuring disembodied voices, and one televised debate held in a studio miles away from the voters of our district. These types of candidate events are simply standard practice in any major campaign. Next, I expect Roskam to “challenge” me to shake hands with voters, walk in parades, and kiss babies.

In response, I offer a real challenge: I call on Peter Roskam to meet our voters face-to-face in three Town Hall-style forums, to be held in the 6th District and open to the public.

I intend to participate in endorsement interviews and public forums throughout this campaign, with or without a “challenge.” However, I believe the people of the 6th District deserve more. They deserve to meet us, talk to us, hear our responses – and challenge us if they don’t like what they hear.

Peter Roskam, stop hiding from your voters. They deserve better.

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