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Barrington Hills is a northwest suburb of Chicago located about an hour outside of the city. With a population of just 4,250, Barrington Hills joins together the quietness of country living, while still surrounded by modern suburban life. Barrington Hills is known for its dedication to conservation and maintaining the forest preserves that have made the town famous.


Living in Barrington Hills

Barrington Hills is a part of the greater Barrington area. School district 220 serves students in Barrington Hills and is revered for its high quality education. District 220 has been praised for its fine arts programs as well as its multiple leadership programs.

Advocate Health Care employs a large number of people from the area, operating multiple healthcare facilities including primary care facilities, full hospitals, and health and fitness centers.

Conservation and environmental protections are also key to what makes Barrington Hills great. The town is home to large forest preserves and hundreds of acres of farmland where people maintain gardens, raise animals, and ride horses. The town relies on its natural conservation to maintain the beauty that made it such a highly sought after town to live in.

What to See

The biggest source of visitors and tourism in Barrington Hills are the thousands of acres of preserved forests and prairies. Spring Lake Preserve is almost 4,000 acres of preserved land that is home to miles of hiking and horseback riding trails.

The Barrington Hills Park District operates nature education centers, tennis and basketball courts, and other facilities to provide additional recreational opportunities.


Congressional Representation

Barrington Hills is contained entirely within Illinois’ 6th congressional district.

In 2018, Sean Casten is running against the incumbent Peter Roskam, who has held the 6th district congressional seat since 2007.

Sean is committed to serving Barrington Hills and the rest of the 6th district by focusing on facts and working to strengthen the community’s schools and economy.

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