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Why Vote By Mail (VBM)?

Vote By Mail is currently available to all Illinois Residents. Vote By Mail provides a paper trail that can always be verified/audited. Vote By Mail is a great option to keep you and others safe during the pandemic.

Key Dates:

  • NOW – Request (i.e. Apply for) Your VBM Ballot (last day to apply, 10/29)
  • 9/24 – VBM Ballots Start to Be Mailed Out by Election Division
  • 9/25 (or later) – Receive your VBM Ballot
  • Once VBM Ballot received, fill out with a vote for Sean & return ASAP
  • 11/3 – Deadline for Signed, VBM Envelope with Ballot to be Returned/Postmarked

STEP 1: Request Your VBM Application

STEP 2: Fill Out & Return Your VBM Ballot

Fill out the VBM Ballot (make sure to flip it over and vote for all races and questions). Once filled out, seal the ballot in the return envelope and sign the back of the envelope.

To Return Your VBM Ballot via Mail – add postage and drop it in the mail.

Contact Your County Clerk:

  • Cook County
  • DuPage County
  • Kane County
  • Lake County
  • McHenry County
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